Live Surgery

  • One of our most important specialized service is Live surgical broadcasts or (LSBs), where audio-visual service meets technology.

LSBs lately are becoming increasingly popular not only in open surgery but also in Laparoscopy conferences and Cathlabs, in addition to as they allow :

  • Excellent training opportunities
  • Ability to interact with them in real time.
  • Audience to view an operation conducted by prominent surgeons.

Sterilization & Convenience

  • No more camera operators, technicians and Equipment sterilization in medical surroundings, in addition to fully respect the patients ‘privacy.
  • Demo AV apply the most phenomenal advances made in audio-visual technologies using the smallest, lightest, most convenient cameras yet with High definition (HD) graphics and audio distribution, with easy sterilization.
  • The camera can be adjusted in many ways, according to standards and surgeons easiness’:

Surgeons can wear a head strap with the camera adjusted to it, in a headlamp-like position.

Can be attached to any surrounding object, Engineered to provide a broad range of motion and stability.

Easily attached to any standard tripod.

About Your Event ?

    Consult the professionals and never risk your event AV, Its too costly ..